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Quickbooks Training In Brevard

Quickbooks Training In Brevard; Whether you are interested in learning bookkeeping as a job or are starting a new business, learning to use QuickBooks is a great first step to understanding your business better. Selling products to customers, purchasing from suppliers (vendors) keeping enough money in the bank - all these areas are essential to STAYING in business and QuickBooks is designed to organize all these areas of your business.

Welcome to Brevard's first live interactive classroom where you will learn to understand QuickBooks and use QuickBooks 2018 on your classroom laptop the first day! There are 6 classes that cover all the areas of QuickBooks that you will need:

1. Overview of how sales and purchase transactions affect your financial statements.

2. Setting up your company for the first time.

3. Connecting QuickBooks to your Bank, downloading transactions into QuickBooks to reduce data entry and reconciling your books to your bank account.

4. Using Payroll in QuickBooks.

5. How to use financial statements generated using your QuickBooks data help you understand and improve your business.

6. Custom designing your Invoices, Checks and Statements in QuickBooks, using your logo and other custom fields.

Class size is limited to 10 students per class!

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